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Motorola to Unveil Phone With “Edge-to-Edge” Display Next Week

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According to a report out of , is expected to release a with a “edge-to-edge” display during their event next week in NYC. Most people are assuming that they are referring to some super secret version of the DROID RAZR HD, but I find it hard to believe that it will be that phone. We have seen two different test models of the in XT925 and XT926 through pictures and video already, neither of which has an edge-to-edge display. The closest thing we have seen to that from Motorola is the DROID RAZR M, which does have very little bezel and isn’t a bad looking phone. And not that the M is some sort of a disappointment, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If Motorola had some super-secret edge-to-edge display device that the world has yet to see and also hasn’t cruised through the FCC, this would be the first time in their history that they were able to pull off such a feat. Even the Galaxy S3, which was hidden in dummy boxes and had multiple variants floating around to try and confuse media, was eventually outed before it was released.

Maybe Motorola will surprise us all? I’m not getting my hopes up.

Via:  Bloomberg

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