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Next-gen PlayStation controller to have a Vita-based touchpad: Report

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Following reports of an expected launch for the PS4 on February 20, further reports regarding ’s next-gen console have surfaced on The Verge. The report states that the next PlayStation will be more powerful than Microsoft’s next Xbox and will feature a redesigned .

According to the report, the redesigned controller will remain quite similar to the current DualShock in terms of size and shape, but will feature a small in place of the Start, Select and PlayStation buttons. The new will be based on the used in the PS ’s rear and will also have a new ‘Share’ button that will allow users to share screenshots and video online, in order to incorporate more social gaming aspects into the new machine.

The report further claims that sources state that the PS4 will launch in the US and Japan by Christmas, likely in time to compete with Microsoft’s new Xbox. However, it further claims that the console won’t launch in Europe until early 2014.


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