Gmail and Google Maps go to night mode on Android 10 and iOS 11 or later, and soon for more versions

Night modes or night modes , also known as dark modes, have long been between us through different layers of Android, although it was not until recently that they were really a standard of operating systems.

Blame it on both iOS 13 on the Apple side and Android 10 on the Google side . Mobile systems with native night mode and that are causing changes in all of their main apps . And those of Google have been moving forward for a long time.

For now, iOS 13 and Android 10

After putting the dark mode in many of its main apps, from Keep to Calendar , also through its own Google app and Google Play , Google has decided to go one step further and take the night mode to both Google Maps and Gmail , your email app.

Unfortunately, it seems that at the moment they are only available for those users who already enjoy iOS 11 (or higher) and Android 10, although the Mountain View guys promise that they will soon reach more versions of their own operating system , Android

Although Android 10 is for now the minimum to enjoy it, Google confirms that it will reach previous versions

The activation of this dark mode of Gmail and Google Maps is the same for now in both operating systems. We will need to activate the dark mode in the system itself so that the app adapts to the design and changes the interface from white to black.

So, you know what to do. If you are users of iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 or Android 10, it will be enough to update Gmail and Google Maps to the latest version to already have the dark mode in both. And if you do not see it yet reflected, it will be a matter of hours that reaches all countries .

Via | The Next Web