How to convert WhatsApp into a personal cloud using groups

WhatsApp is very good to maintain contact with your friends, share photos, videos and memes, make video calls with your distant relatives and upload some other state. However, you can take it one step further turning it into a kind of personal cloud / notebook. Doing so is really simple.

Before you start, it is worth remembering that the photos and video you upload to this "cloud" they will compress and lose quality. If that's a problem for you, maybe you should consider using a storage system cloud. That said, how do you turn WhatsApp into a cloud?

Create a group with a person, play it and enjoy your cloud

Discharge The first thing you should do is create a new group with someone who does not mind doing guinea pig. Remember to ask permission always.

The easiest way to mount a personal cloud in WhatsApp is creating a group with a person and throwing it. That way, you will be able to stay alone in the group and you can use it to upload what you want, write down things and even use it as a to-do list. This is especially useful for transferring files from the mobile to the computer and vice versa. Simply log in to WhatsApp Web in the desktop app.

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To create a group you must click on the "New chat" button and select "Create group". Before getting anyone ask for permission and ask if he doesn't care to help you. Do not put the first one in the contact list.

To mark the files and help you find them, it is recommended that you write a message explaining what you have uploaded

When you are left alone in the group, change the name to "My Cloud" (or whatever you want), put a photo to help you identify it easily and a description and, finally, anchor the chat at the top. To mark the files and help you find them, It is recommended that you write a message explaining what you have uploaded, for example "Photos of the last day on the beach of Malaga". So, when you want to find those photos, you will simply have to type "beach" in the search engine and navigate between the files.

Cloud WhatsApp When you have created the group, kick out the other person and change the name and photo. Your personal cloud is ready!

While it is true that the storage in WhatsApp is "unlimited" (we quoted because WhatsApp, unlike Telegram, does not work in the cloud, but drinks from the mobile version), you should keep in mind the maximum size allowed: 100 MB per file. Remember also that if you delete the chat you lose everything.

Anyway, keep in mind that It is not a system to store many files for a long time, but a simple system to save some things temporarily and pass them to the computer to make a backup.

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