WhatsApp will add messages that self-destruct, according to WaBetaInfo

As WaBetaInfo has discovered, WhatsApp would be preparing the functionality of messages that disappear . That is, a configuration for groups in which the messages would expire after a certain time.

At the moment the function seems to be quite green, but it allows you to configure an interval so that the messages disappear in five seconds or in one hour . If the function finally comes forward, it is most likely that other time intervals are included.

Messages that expire on WhatsApp

WhatsApp would follow the steps of Telegram including its own messages that self-destruct after a certain time. As WaBetaInfo has discovered, the function is already under development and would be integrated into groups and not personal chats, at least for now.

The operation would be simple. Administrators in a group can configure messages to self-destruct over time. Thus, the message will be deleted automatically after that time , without including any “message deleted” message, as in the delete function already present in WhatsApp.


What is not entirely clear is when the time starts to count . The normal thing in other messaging applications is that the countdown occurs since each person reads the message, which can lead to a progressive deletion in a group with several people who read the message at different times.

As we mentioned before, at the moment it is a function for groups , although nothing prevents WhatsApp from later extending it to private chats. By the way, that is not the first time that Facebook plays with the idea, because the secret conversations in Facebook Messenger already have the function of self-destructing messages.

Via | WaBetaInfo