Pre-registration on Google Play: What it is and how it works

Have you ever used pre-registration in games on Google Play? Find out all about this method to know how it works and what it is for.

It is increasingly common for a developer to publish a game on Google Play, but downloading it is not yet possible. In these cases, use is made of the previous registration for said game . A term that we are encountering with increasing frequency in the application store, although not everyone knows what it means.

What is really the previous registration of a game or application on Google Play? What is this system for? Then we answer these questions, so that you can understand more about this system and the reasons why so many developers currently use it.

What is pre-registration on Google Play

Google Play Store

Pre-registration is found in all the games that will arrive soon on Google Play, but are not yet available for download. Typically, this game cannot be downloaded in any market in the world. If this game in question is of our interest, then we can sign up for this pre-registration in the store, so that we will have access to it when it is finally officially launched.

This system can be affirmed as a kind of reminder . When a game is already in previous registration in Google Play, it is expected that its launch will take place soon, although there have been games that are months in this system in the store. They are games that usually have quite hype around and that many users on Android are waiting with great interest to be officially launched in the store.

When we click on the previous registration button in Google Play, we are activating a reminder. Therefore, when the game is finally released in the store, a notification will be issued on our Android phone . It indicates that this game is already available and that if we want we can proceed to download it on the device. Although we have to accept, because in this case the download is manual in this case. So we can do with this game or application.

How this system works

For developers it is a good way to know the level of interest that there is towards a game , since they will see that there are many users on Google Play who access this previous record of a game. So to know if there really is a great interest or expectation before the launch of said game on Android officially.

For users it is also a system of great interest, because they do not have to be entering Google Play from time to time to see if this game is already available or not. At the moment in which this game is launched in the country of residence of this user, you will have access to it at all times, since you will be notified on your Android phone that this game can already be downloaded to the phone. In addition to showing the steps to proceed to said download.

As we mentioned before, this system works as if it is a reminder . The user presses the button of previous registration in Google Play and then it is established that he will be informed at the moment in which this game, are mostly games in this case, is already available to download on Android. The day on which this occurs, said reminder is issued in the form of a notification on the phone.

How to watch games in previous registration on Google Play

Pre-registered games

It is possible that many of you are interested in seeing what games are already in previous registration , or if a game about which you have read something is finally available in this case on Google Play. Many do not know how to search if the game is already available or not, although in this sense Google provides us with help. Since they have created a section for it in the app store. So access is simple.

In Google Play there is a section of pre-registered games , which is quite extensive on many occasions. You can access it in this link , and you can see in it all the games or applications, although they are usually games almost always, which are already in previous registration in the application store. Therefore, if there is a game that interests you in this case, you will be able to join this previous registry to have access to said notification on your phone when the game is going to be launched.

In this previous record, the launch dates of the games are never shown. There are times when the developer has not even set that date, so it is a matter of waiting. There have been games on Google Play that have been months in this previous record , until finally its official launch has taken place.

How to join the previous registration

This is very simple and we will not take anything in this regard. We have to enter the profile of that game on Google Play , either on the computer or on our Android phone. We will see that on the right side there is a green button that says ¬ęprevious registration, which is the one in which we have to press in this case. Then a warning box will appear and click on accept, to confirm that we want to join the previous registration of this game.

With these steps the process has been completed and we will only have to wait until the notification is sent to the phone saying that it can be downloaded and installed on the phone.