All the secret Android games you can still play

Google hides many games or Easter Eggs on Android or its applications and services. Thanks to them we can entertain on more than one occasion and for many it is fun and interesting to have access to all these games on your phone. Therefore, we leave you below with all the secret games that we can still play from the phone. Since there are enough.

So, if at some point you get bored or are curious to know these secret Android games , it will be very simple to have access to them. There is a fairly wide variety of them, so surely some are of your interest. In addition, Google is releasing new ones over time.

Most of these games are accessible both on Android and from the computer , so they don’t have too many problems in this regard. While the controls may be somewhat different if played from the phone, but in general they are usually adapted for both situations.

Dino T-Rex Runner

The Chrome dinosaur is already like a game on Google Play

Possibly the best known secret game for users , which we can play on both Android and the computer, as long as we use Google Chrome. It is a game that comes out when we run out of Internet connection. When we want to access a website or we are doing a search and there is no connection, we will have access to this game.

The game is very simple, we have to jump obstacles with this dinosaur . Although as we jump more, the speed is increasing significantly, making it difficult to jump or to anticipate such obstacles. A very popular game and which you have surely played on some previous occasion.

Play PacMan

Another option that we can access from Android or the computer is to play some classics, such as PacMan . The only thing we have to do in this case is to search the game on Google, and under the name of the game we will get a button that says play. When we click on it it will take us to the game and we will be able to play the classic game normally.

The operation of the game has not changed anything in this case, so it is presented as a good option for the most nostalgic, who want to enjoy a game like this at any time. In order to play on this occasion we are going to need to have an Internet connection on the phone or computer.

Classics like Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe and Atari Breakout

Not only can we access PacMan in this way, since other classic games and known by most, such as Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe and Atari Breakout , are also available on Google. All of them can be accessed on an Android phone or tablet, as well as from the computer. Just look for the game in the Google search engine.

Under the name will be the option to play, on which we click, to enter a game in that game . In all cases, the operation of the game does not present changes with respect to the originals, only that the controls may be a little different on the phone from the computer, but there are not too many problems in this regard.

Super Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is another well-known game, thanks to which we have a character as legendary as Super Sonic. Google also leaves us with a surprise in this case, when we search for Sonic in its search engine . When we do this, we see that several pictures of the character appear on the right side of the screen. Just below the photos comes his name in large letters and next to these letters there is a small icon of the character.

If we click 25 times in total on this little icon , we will see how it ends up transforming into Super Sonic. A curious surprise from Google, that many users did not know. We can access it from both Android and Google Chrome on the computer.

The Flappy Bird in the Google app

Similar to the first case in which we have the dinosaur game, Google leaves us with another game that we can enjoy without an Internet connection in its Google application. When we perform a search in the application, but the Internet connection has been dropped, a cloud icon will appear, which is where we have to press to access the game.

It is a game inspired by Flappy Bird, although it is not the same, but does not present many changes in terms of operation. In this case we have to make the cloud fly as long as possible , without falling or crashing into obstacles. We have to tap the screen to control this cloud.

Zerg Rush

Another curious game that can be accessed from the Google search engine is a game called Zerg Rush . This game has been inspired by the classic Starcraft, so those who know this game can already get an idea of ​​what we can expect. As in other cases, what we have to do is search Zerg Rush in the Google search engine.

When we search for this term in the search engine, small balls will come out that will destroy the search results if we do not act quickly. To prevent this from happening, we will have to press three times on each of these balls. By doing this the health of each of them will get worse, they will weaken and then they will disappear from the screen. Another entertaining game that you can access both on an Android phone and on your computer.