How to know what song sounds: 4 ways to know with your mobile

A situation in which you have found yourself on more than one occasion: On the radio or somewhere a song sounds, you like that song, but you don’t know the name of it. Luckily, there are several methods that can help us discover the name of any song, thanks to our Android phone.

Then we leave you with these methods that we can use on the Android phone to discover the name of a song that we are listening to at the moment. All of them will fulfill this task, so it will depend on what seems most comfortable to you which one you end up choosing.


We start with what is probably the best known method among users. Shazam is an application that has been with us for many years , both on Android and iOS. This application is dedicated to helping us discover the name of a song that is playing at that time. Whether a song on the radio, or a disc that someone is playing, will work at all times to give us that name.

Shazam is an application that works very quickly, since in a matter of seconds we have the name of that song already available. In addition, the artist who interprets this song will show us and will give us access to the lyrics of it. This way we can discover more about this artist, in case this song that we were listening to at that time has been of interest to us. It gives us additional functions in this way, as well as helping to discover the name of a song.

The application interface is also very easy to use, which makes any type of user able to use it. When we want to discover the name of a song, we just have to open the application and let it do its job. In a few seconds, the name and the artist who plays the song will be shown. Very easy to use in this case.

Downloading Shazam on an Android phone is completely free . In addition, inside the application there are neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind , so we can make use of it without distractions of any kind. You can download it from the Play Store in this link:

Google Assistant and Bixby

Discover which song is playing without using any application

While an application like Shazam is very popular among users on Android, the reality is that we do not need to install third-party applications for it. Google Assistant also has the ability to discover the name of a song that we are listening to at a given time. This is one of the most recent functions of the assistant, although many users do not know it, and the truth is something that can be taken advantage of.

The way we can make use of this function on an Android phone is really simple. So if you use the wizard regularly on your phone, you can use this function at any time. The steps to follow in this case are the following:

  • Open Google Assistant on your phone.
  • Ask him to identify the name of that song, using a command for it. The possible commands that can be used in this case are: “OK, Google, what is the name of this song?” Or “OK, Google, what is the name of the song that is playing?” Or “OK Google, What song is playing now? »Are some of these possibilities. Any command that makes me listen to that song.
  • The wizard will start searching for that song (a wave icon will be displayed on the screen).
  • See the result on the phone screen.

This method is also very fast , since in a few seconds the name of the song is shown on the screen, in addition to the lyrics of the song. Google Assistant also makes it easier to access more information about that artist or to play the song on YouTube. If we want to know more about the artist in question, it will be very simple in this way, in addition to being able to discover the name of a song in a very short time.

Also Bixby , the Samsung assistant, has this same function available, with which to know what song is playing at a given time. It is a function that we have already talked about in the past , therefore, you can use it if you have a Samsung phone in your case.



MusiID is another application that follows the steps of Shazam in terms of operation and whose purpose is that we can discover the name of a song that we are listening at that time. It works quite accurately , so it is another good option to consider in this case, if we want to be able to find the name of the song in question.

When we have installed the application on Android, you will only have to give permission to access the microphone , something essential for the operation of the same on the phone. If there is a song playing whose name we want to know, we just have to click on the top of the application, so that music detection starts working. In a few seconds the name of that song and the artist who plays it will be displayed.

They also give additional information such as the lyrics of the song or more songs by that artist, to learn more about them. In addition, all the searches we do remain in the app, so that we can see all the songs we have been looking for using the same, along with the date on which we search for that song.

MusicID can be downloaded for free on Android phones . Inside the application there are no ads or purchases of any kind, which greatly facilitates its use and allows you to discover the name of a song without distractions. If you want to download this application on your phone, it is possible from this link:


Finally we have a more daring option, but it works very well if you have a good sense of rhythm and a good memory. Midomi is a web page where you can discover the name of a song by singing it . The search this time works by voice, so we can sing or hum that song and will start looking for results that match in its huge database.

When we enter the web, possible on the phone or on the computer, we see that there is a microphone at the top. To be able to search for songs we press and hold on that icon and we will have to sing for about ten seconds . They are enough for the website to look for those results that match what we have sung. On this occasion, it is very important to vocalize well so that the results will be much more precise.

Midomi is another good option to know which song is playing at a given time. It may be a less ideal option if we want to quickly know the name of that song at that particular moment, but more if there is a song that we are humming or singing whose name we can’t guess or don’t remember. There are situations in which it can be a good help. You can enter the web in this link .