Download all these free applications: the offers will not last long

What a lot of discounts on applications we have for you, today there is maximum quality in the games offers. Also in the free software: the collection of apps at zero euros is more than recommended. It’s not bad Tuesday, so you already know what you have to do: take the opportunity to download all the offers while they last.

All apps and games are at the discounted price at the time of publishing this article : since they are punctual offers, they are likely to recover their original price. Only if you hurry up and access Google Play will you find the software with the marked discount.

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Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

So far we have selected the best free applications available , but now it’s time to review other payment offers. It’s worth checking out: you won’t regret it if you buy them.

eWeather HD

An amazing application of the weather that has been updated for years to offer an excellent forecast and a huge amount of data. Graphics, widgets, weather forecast, air quality … eWeather HD is awesome. And it can become your favorite if you give it a chance: it has a 40% discount.

Monument Valley

There is no excuse: the most famous saga of mobile video games is super discounted. Get it now.


Machinarium has been among us for several years, but it is worthwhile to continue playing what it poses. A peculiar atmosphere, “point and click” style and full of challenges: you have it with a 68% discount.

Danmaku games

Classic style of ships for two games of enormous quality. And with 72% discount.

Raw Fury games

Three “games” of enormous quality and with graphic style Pixel Art that you can get with up to 80% discount.