Free applications that were paid: if not the downloads disappear

Get ready for the weekend with a good dose of offers in Android software , which the Google Play Store offers many options. Not all of them are of good quality, so we tend to dive into the store to highlight only the best. And here you have all these free apps , freshly caught for you.

All selected applications were with the discount marked as of the date of publishing this article. The discounts are temporary: sooner or later they will recover their original price . So, if you don’t want to run out of them, go to the Play Store in search of them. Only then will you get the discounts.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

More wood to the selection of offers, which we have other non-free sales that are also worth downloading. We have selected the following applications, all recommended.

Fenix ​​2 for Twitter

This excellent unofficial Twitter client for Android allows you to check your account without seeing ads and applying maximum customization. It is very good app. And it has a 43% discount.

Photographs – Puzzle stories

An original puzzle game with 8-bit style graphics with which you will immerse yourself in a deep and emotional story. It is not too long, but it is a different proposal. And it is discounted at half its price.


An excellent point and click game that has not only won numerous awards, but also a huge number of downloads. If you don’t have it yet, now is a good time to add it to your collection: it has a 68% discount.