The strangest Microsoft applications for Android

The universe of applications that Android has is unbeatable. Millions of apps, games, tens of thousands of developer companies … And a few multinationals that offer Android users all their experience in the form of software. Google is one of those companies, logical to favor Android with its applications, but Microsoft is not far behind.

Do not think that because Microsoft is Google’s competition it will leave Android without its applications, rather the opposite: the multinational Redmond has a vast catalog of apps, games and solutions . Much of this software you already know because there are colossus such as Office, Skype or Edge browser apps, but there are many other apps that are part of a very little known cast. It is just where we wanted to influence today.

Microsoft maintains several development teams, both for its most common and for the most experimental applications. We will focus on the second group: some applications are still available in the Google Play Store and others closed their development at the end of the test phase. In all cases they can continue to be used: we will highlight the link to the Android store or the latest Apk available so that you can also install them on your mobile

All applications are safe and original from Microsoft. As a general rule they should work on all devices, but we cannot ensure it, especially with apps that belong to experimental developments already closed . The entire selection of this page has been downloaded and tested on our devices.

Microsoft Kaizala

Did you think Microsoft already had enough messaging applications for work? Not content with developing Teams , and maintaining Skype , the company was given to create Microsoft Kaizala , a simple app to send messages and a varied selection of files. You can also schedule tasks with the Actions, something similar to two other Microsoft applications: To Do and One Note. It will be for duplicities …

Face swap

A face exchanger, its name already says. With this app you can combine faces and see how Microsoft AI merges two people into one. The project is over, but it can continue to be used without major problems.

Face Swap is available in Apk form through this link to Apk mirror .

Path guide

Path Guide

This application aims to make guided tours of buildings easier. Simply start the application and create a route following an itinerary: choose a starting point and walk with the mobile so that it is recording the steps and turns . Also add photos for easy guidance, including texts and voice.

Create a treasure map, help people with visual difficulties, plan a visit to the museum … Path Guide is very useful. And it is available in the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

With this application you can create staggered videos in the style of timelapse or time lapse. Record with the phone and the application will create the loop footage. In addition, it is responsible for stabilizing it and you can choose the speed; with the option to create Hyperlapses also with video from your gallery. Then you just have to share it or save it in the phone storage.

SMS Organizer – Clean, Reminders, Offers & Backup

This Microsoft experiment is currently active and limited to certain territories. It is very useful for those who use text messages as main messaging: the application is responsible for organizing them intelligently and also for recording reminders so that something pending is never happening. The whole process is done on the phone: the app does not upload any data to the cloud.

SMS Organizer is on Google Play, but surely you cannot access its download. If this is the case, you can download the application from Apk Mirror .

Mimicker Alarm

Mimicker Alarm

Can’t you wake up in the morning? Well, Microsoft has the solution with an experiment in the form of an alarm application. This experiment is now complete, but you can continue using it if you download the installable file from Apk Mirror . And it is very interesting: once you have selected your alarms, so that these are turned off you must perform certain actions based on imitating what you see on the screen. Smile, repeat phrases, find a color … It is a very curious application.

Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen

An already closed Microsoft project that enables a highly customizable lock screen . Without losing security since you can protect access to the system, the idea behind Next Lock Screen is that you perform most actions without having to access the phone, only from the lock screen. It works correctly. And you can download it in Apk Mirror .