These applications are free, but for a short time. Hurry up!

You look out the window, it rains, it starts to get cold, it’s Tuesday… Everything seems bad news, at least until you find this collection of free apps and games . Do you want to complete your app library with good software and without costing you a penny? You arrived at the right place and at the right time.

You already know how this section works: just click on the link of each application to download it from the Google Play Store. Although they are specific offers: at the time of publishing the article they are available, but we cannot guarantee that they will be operational for a long time . So, enjoy them while you can. Tic. tac …

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Free applications are fine, but succulent offers in quality software are not that bad either. So we have gathered a handful of these offers with only the best of the best: take the opportunity to purchase them while they are available.

Sleep as Android Unlock

A fantastic application to measure the quality of sleep and all the data related to the act of sleeping. Find out if you snore, when you reveal yourself, the hours you have a bad dream … Sleep as Android is a classic that you can now get complete with 46% less.

The Vigil Files: Case 1 – Realistic Detective Game

What will it be like to become a detective and really investigate a case? You don’t have to imagine it since you can play it: this exceptional research title will get you into the skin of a detective to access all the tools necessary to solve the mystery. Very realistic, in English and with a 63% discount.

Ace Academy

Japanese-style graphic novel with a deep work in history, graphics and duration. It is an excellent game that has a main drawback: it is in English. However, its 79% discount helps make the language obligation less annoying.

OrangePixel games

This mobile game developer has three of her titles currently discounted. Discounts reach 75%.

Games that continue on offer: