Android applications to find clothes using a photo

On some occasion you have surely seen a picture of a piece of clothing that you like . Either a photo on Instagram or an online photo. But you don’t know what brand this garment you have seen is, nor do you know very well how you can find it. Luckily, there are Android applications that can be of our help to find such a garment.

Thanks to these Android applications, we can find clothes using a reference photo , which will serve to show results of pieces that match that. So it will be possible to find that piece that we like so much, but we don’t know what brand it comes from. There are several helpful applications in this regard.

Google Lens

Google Lens is an application that has many utilities for Android users. Thanks to it we can identify all kinds of objects in a simple way, as you probably already know. We can also use it with clothes or accessories , so that it will show us results that match and be able to find the store where the specific product we want is sold.

All you have to do is point with the camera on the phone, once we have opened Google Lens, to that product. Then we will show results of products that match the one we have in the photo. On many occasions we find the same product, so we can find it. We will also see products that are very similar in appearance, so that we can find something similar.

It is a very simple method to use, so it is one of the best Android applications in this field for many. As with all Google applications, its download is completely free and there are no purchases or ads inside it. You can download it below:


This second application on the list will work in a similar way to Google Lens . With a photo, opening the camera of our phone, we can find products that are similar or the same as the one we are looking for. So we can use it to find a piece of clothing that we have seen and liked. It does not present too many complications in terms of use, since the user interface is really simple, of the simplest Android applications in this category.

Although it is an application that works somewhat slower , if we compare it with Google Lens. It may take almost a minute to show us results that match what we are looking for at the moment. But the results it gives us are useful, since in addition to giving us the link to buy the product, we have more information. A product description, additional photos or YouTube links are provided to watch a video of that piece in question.

The download of this application on Android is free . Inside there are ads, but it is not something that bothers when using it, they are not too invasive in this regard. So it is one of the best Android applications in this field, for its ease of use and good results.


Pinterest is a website and application that for many serves as a great inspiration in all kinds of projects . It is also a means in which many people discover items that are of interest and wish to buy at some point. Because this is something that is used frequently, the application has introduced a function that is helpful in this process, a kind of camera or sensor, such as Google Lens. In this way it becomes one of the Android applications to use in these types of situations.

We will only have to use it, so that the camera opens and then points to the product in question. Products that match in this case will be shown, with purchase links for many of them. To make this possible Pinterest has partnered with ShopStyle , a well-known shopping website, where we have a large selection of products. In addition to giving links to buy products, ideas and inspiration are provided to create an outfit based on that particular garment or accessory. So you can also help many users in this process.

Downloading Pinterest on Android is free , although there are ads inside the application. In general they are not usually annoying, so we can use the application without too many problems on our Android phone. The design of the app is very easy to use, just as simple as the web. You can download it below:

Google Reverse Search

Not only can we use Android applications in this process. We can also turn to Google directly, thanks to the reverse search that we have available in the well-known browser, which we have already talked about . This search is that we are the ones who upload a photo, so that the well-known search engine will show matching results. It can be a good way to regain access to the web page in question we were looking for.

In this case, we have to have the photo of the product in question or a URL of it. We enter the Google search and in the bar we click on the camera icon there, which allows us to upload a photo or enter a URL of that photo in question. Once we have done this, the search will begin, which will show the results that match. It may show photos of the same product, which will take us to the brand or store where we can buy it. So it is a method that can also help us.

It has the advantage that we do not need to install Android applications for it . Although the reverse Google search still has enough room for improvement, since in many cases it does not give the results that users were waiting for. But it is always worth trying, especially if other methods have not given the desired result, which was to find that piece of clothing that we liked so much in this case.