Control Alexa without speaking and with shortcuts with this free app

Smart speakers have become a very common tool in many houses. We have already talked about its advantages many times, but today we want to focus on an application that does not come standard or in the speakers or the official Alexa application.

When we are in a room where there is an Amazon Echo, it is normal to say something out loud to obey. But what if the stay is very large? What if we are in a room where there is no Echo? What if we don’t want to talk to not wake anyone?

That’s where an application we found in the Google Play Store called Reverb comes into action.

Control Alexa without speaking and with shortcuts

This application allows you to give voice orders directly from your mobile phone, although that is something we can do directly with the Alexa Android app. The novelty of this application is that we can create a Widget in which to put shortcuts for all the orders we want to use.

Controla Alexa sin hablar y con atajos con esta app gratuita

In my case I have configured it with the most common access to home automation control, for when I want to activate or deactivate something without using my voice. For this we must:

  • Open the application
  • Display the side menu
  • Choose the Custom Commands option.
  • Click on the blue + in the lower right corner.
  • Write the command as we would dictate to Alexa.

Once that is done with the commands we want, we go to the desktop and put the largest Reverb Widget in the location we want.

We can also control Alexa from a permanent notification in the notification bar, although if it bothers us we can remove it by pressing on the x.

Free and without advertising

Reverb is a free app that also has neither integrated purchases nor advertising. For now the application is only in English, which can be an impediment for some people, although once configured the use is not a very serious problem.