How to adapt an Android mobile for your grandparents

It is increasingly common for our parents or grandparents to have a smartphone. Android is an operating system that is generally easy to use for most. Although for older people it is not always as simple, so we can use some options that simplify the use of the operating system for these people and so they can use the phone in the best way.

There are a number of tricks, in addition to being able to resort to launchers , which help transform the appearance of Android on the phone. This will help our grandparents or any older person to use the phone in the best way, being able to take advantage of the functions that are essential in their case.

Simple mode in EMUI

For those who have an Honor or Huawei phone, which uses any of the recent versions of EMUI, there is an option to simplify the use of the phone without having to resort to third-party applications. This is the so-called Simple Mode , which it does is transform the phone interface by a much more basic, with less elements, which we have already talked about . In it, the main functions of the device (call, messages …) are made available to users so that their use is much more comfortable for these people. To activate this mode, follow these steps:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Enter the system section in these settings.
  • Enter the Simple mode option.
  • Click on the button that says Enable.

We can see that when the simple mode is activated on the phone, the icons become larger. They are much easier to see and the text can be read more easily, something very comfortable for the elderly. In addition, the number of elements on the screen is significantly reduced, giving prominence to several main functions in each case.

This simple way can be a good way to help older people use the device. So those with Huawei or Honor phones, which use EMUI 9 or EMUI 9.1, can use this simple mode at any time.


If the phone does not have a function like this simple mode, it is always possible to use a launcher, which makes the Android interface much simpler to use. In the Play Store we find a lot of different launchers, called to make the use of the phone comfortable for older people, such as grandparents or our parents. So there are options that may be of interest in this case. We leave you with several launchers to consider.

Simple launcher

The name itself already gives us clues about what we can expect from it. It is a launcher that makes the interface on the device as simple as possible , with few elements in it, making the use very simple. It gives prominence to the most basic functions of the phone, such as calls or messages. So a person can access these applications or functions very quickly.

The icons used in Simple Launcher are large , as well as the text, which makes it easy to read. In addition, it gives us many customization options. On the left side you have the possibility of placing a bar with a series of shortcuts, to enter certain applications or have some functions always at hand. It also has an emergency button, which contacts emergency services in case something happens.

Simple Launcher can be downloaded for free on Android . In addition, there are no ads or purchases of any kind inside, which allows a much more comfortable use at all times. A highly recommended option, because it facilitates the use of the phone clearly. You can download it below:

Big launcher

This second launcher makes the Android interface even simpler than in the previous case. It is committed to a very basic interface , with flat colors at all times. A key aspect in this case is that the icons and text have a large size, with large blocks, making reading simple when the device has to be used. In fact, it is advertised as a launcher most suitable for older people.

Big Launcher does not show the names of the applications, but differentiated icons are used, so that each person knows which one they must use at a given time. The interface is reduced in this case to a single screen, where we have six large blocks : Telephone, SMS, Camera, Gallery, SOS and all applications. It allows the use to be as simple as possible for many people, in addition, there is the possibility of editing this at all times, so that each one determines how many applications or icons you want to display.

Big Launcher is a quality option, which also gives us many customization options. So it is possible to adapt the use to each person, depending on the agility or knowledge that person has about Android. It can be downloaded to the phone for free . Inside there are purchases, which are to obtain the premium version of this launcher, which gives us a series of additional functions. Although in many cases the free version is more than enough. You can download it below:

Simple Mode

This last option is a launcher that is partly inspired by the simple mode we have in Huawei. Like the two options above, it is responsible for simplifying the telephone interface . So it leaves us with a series of icons, which give access to the main functions on the phone, so that users will move more comfortably when they have to use the device. It has a lot in common with the previous options.

The applications are presented in large blocks , which makes them easy to read for those with vision problems. It gives access to applications such as calls, SMS, contacts or the camera of the phone. If desired, users can customize the icons displayed on the screen at all times, for better use of this launcher. Also depending on which applications are used most on the phone.

This launcher can be downloaded for free on Android . Inside it there are neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind, which makes its use especially comfortable for users. There is no premium version, so the features offered are those found in this version. You can download it below: