Set up two Google Home or Home Mini as stereo speakers

When Google launched the Google Home Max, it introduced a novelty that many users were looking forward to: the possibility of using two devices as a stereo sound system. But Google only endowed its most expensive model with this feature. Until now

Google has updated its original Google Home and Google Home Mini to be able to create a stereo sound system linked to two of these models.

We have to take into account that the configuration cancels the previous installations and that they will appear as a single speaker to which to emit music. That is, we cannot use them independently to send different content.

How to set up two Google Home as stereo speakers

In order to configure this pair of stereo speakers, what we have to do is use the new function within the Google Home application:

  • We open the Google Home application on mobile.
  • We click on one of the speakers we want to pair.
  • Select the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • We look for the Pair of speakers option.
  • We choose the other speaker we want to use.
  • We select in which position each one of them is.
  • We choose the location.

Configurar dos Google Home o Home Mini como altavoces estéreo

From this configuration the system will behave as a single device. For example, if we change the volume in the system, the two speakers will vary at the same time, as is logical. Of course, the Google Assistant response and use system will only work with the left speaker since the right one will be deactivated so as not to interfere in the process when we ask or take actions.

Configurar dos Google Home o Home Mini como altavoces estéreo

Obviously, this new function is designed to put the two speakers in the same room, although it is not something that is mandatory, although having stereo sound in different places is something strange.