Controversy for the Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros that FNAC sold “by mistake”

Following the promotions that happen every day in all online stores is as economical as it is exhausting. Given the enormous competition of the stores, all bets to offer more or less aggressive offers . With a counterpart since there are often errors in prices that trigger complications, both for the store and for the buyer.

Yesterday there was a succulent offer in the FNAC Spain online store: a Huawei P30 Pro for 139 euros; further lowering the price if the client was a member of FNAC , to only 124.90 euros. The offer was published in a huge amount of media related to promotions, also on websites such as Computer Hoy . Logically, the offer was so juicy that sales multiplied in minutes.

The notable drops in the price of a phone are not strange, that a recent mobile has a discount of almost 75% in a Spanish store is rare. The huge difference between the real price and the offered price draws a lot of attention, but it is also the main argument against which those now affected by the purchase have to face.

FNAC canceled all orders for the Huawei P30 Pro claiming price error, lack of stock and computer problems

Polémica por el Huawei P30 Pro a 139 euros que FNAC vendió "por error"

Aspect of the offer in FNAC. Computer Image Today

Online orders canceled for too cheap prices are the order of the day. In general, and always following the law, all stores must comply with the provisions of the contract . Therefore, if a customer has purchased a product at any price, and that price was stipulated in the terms of the contract, he must send it according to what said contract dictates. Although there are statements in favor of trade: if the price difference between the actual cost and the one published on the web is ridiculous, the customer should understand that it is an error, so the store could cancel the order unilaterally by returning the amount to the client.

If the price difference between the actual and the offered cost is ridiculous, the law covers the cancellation of the order

This aspect is not too clear and is always qualified , so there is scope for the claim. In Spain there are cases in which the stores and consumers also won, a sign that there is no single way to act. However, FNAC would have, at least in principle, the law on its part.

Those affected by the FNAC offer are organizing through the hashtag #AfectadosFnac , they have also created a Telegram channel . Joining is a first step to get the phone number offered, also to file a claim: FACUA highlights this when asked by Twitter .

Although the disproportionate offer could be the cause of an error, what is strange is that FNAC has canceled the orders alleging three different causes depending on the client: price error, lack of stock and computer problem . In addition, since many customers took the opportunity to buy the Huawei P30 Pro and become members of the FNAC club so that the mobile would be even cheaper, the company should have canceled both products, the mobile and the membership card. But it is not like that: only the P30 Pro has been canceled , a detail that has ignited those affected even more.