Facebook monitors our health with new prevention tools

Having mobile phones at hand to control our agenda, the most common is that we register from our contacts to our next doctor’s appointments . In this sense, a timely alert not only avoids missing an appointment, it can also minimize the risks of suffering from any health problem. So, why not add such reminders to a social network as populated as Facebook ?

The social network announces in several articles the inclusion of a new tool available to users of the application, at the moment in the United States : it will be in charge of offering notices according to the scheduled medical appointments, it will also deliver information related to the risks associated with the age and sex of the user . On the one hand it seems like a good idea. On the other … Privacy alarms have broken to sound.

Facebook guarantees that it will respect the medical privacy of users, at least in terms of results

Facebook vigila nuestra salud con nuevas herramientas de prevención

Creating alerts and medical notices implies that the social network has access to highly private information: it is not the same to register that on Thursday we have a blood test that only set a simple reminder for that date. If this joins the information that Facebook already has about us, such as our age, sex, hobbies and risk behaviors … the personal clinical picture obtained by the algorithms could be quite accurate .

The social network has wanted to reassure by ensuring that medical data is not shared in any case with Facebook itself or with third-party companies. Nor may advertisements make use of information derived from health reminders. The information recorded by the tool is neither public nor shared ; It is up to the user to decide how to use it.

According to Facebook:

“The tool will give you the option to set reminders for your future checkups and mark them as facts, but it will not give us access to the actual results of your tests.”

Thanks to the Facebook application, and to this new health tool, any resident of the United States will be able to register their own clinical appointments with the social network as well as the information that concerns their health. In addition, you will receive different alerts from Facebook as you have health risks . These risks will be calculated by Facebook based on the user’s age, sex and other physical values.

Facebook has created the tool in partnership with independent organizations in the United States related to health and prevention . To use the tool you have to open the Android application in the United States and go to the Preventive Health option.