Google has accelerated the share menu on Android 10, and much

In the war between iOS and Android there used to be an element that was always in favor of the latter: the share menu. The possibilities in the Google system used to be greater than in Apple’s. This has evolved in both environments but it is true that in the case that matters to us, Google, we have seen how Android 6 introduced a noticeable change in the way this menu behaved, and slowed it down a lot.

The change in Android 6

Google ha acelerado el menú compartir en Android 10, y mucho

The reason for this decrease in speed is that in that version the most common contacts were introduced in shareable applications when sharing something. That way we could choose to send a file to a person via WhatsApp, with just one click, for example.

The problem is that scanning all the options and displaying them, which is what the Direct Share function of Android 6.0 Marshmallow did, took the system too long.

Android 10 changed the APIS

In Android 10 we have seen how this has changed since Google has stopped using Direct Share and has implemented new application programming interfaces (APIs) to share elements, called Sharing Shortcuts API .

In theory, this should make the menu of this version of Android, when we are going to share something, go much faster, and Google has proven it.

Google ha acelerado el menú compartir en Android 10, y mucho

In the image above you see a comparison of how fast Android 9 (in green) and Android 10 (in black) is when it comes to displaying target items in the share menu.

As you can see, with Android 10 almost 100% of users see the share menu within 0.1 seconds of pressing the button and half of them see it four times faster. In Android 9 it took practically four times as long to display that information.

Obviously, these Google calculations are applied in a general way since each case is specific for the number of installed apps, their type and many more factors.