New Nvidia Shield TV Pro: the perfect Android TV to play

Of the many ways to use Android, one of the most valuable is taking lately on Android TV, which after a period in which it passed without penalty or glory with few exceptions takes force at the idea of ​​using streaming apps and play On TV.

And it is precisely at this last point that Nvidia focuses with its Shield TV, of which we now know the new model, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro .

New processor and more power

This new device uses the latest Nvidia processor, the Tegra X1 +. In theory it is 25% faster than the previous generation, which is what devices like the Nintendo Switch use.

In addition to managing content in 4K, this Android TV can rescale HD videos to have a better definition, something it will do with the help of artificial intelligence.

We will have support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos Sound. We will have 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory available.

Gforce Now is still present

One of the biggest differences of this device with similar ones is the Nvidia cloud game system, Gforce Now. With the Shield TV Pro we can use it, with the control knobs that we can buy separately.

In addition, we will have Android TV and the advantages of Google apps, such as the assistant, which we can invoke from the remote.

A command with Netflix as the protagonist

Nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro: el Android TV perfecto para jugar

This remote control, included in the sales package, has a direct access button to Netflix, the most popular video streaming application in Spain.

We will also have playback controls, direct access to voice commands and the system menu.

Price and availability

The new Nvidia Shield Pro will cost 219 euros and will go on sale shortly. In fact it appears in stores like Amazon, although there is no stock yet.

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