Nvidia Shield TV 2019: new cylindrical design and new remote control

Together with the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro, the brand has presented a renewal of the normal model with a new design. The Nvidia Shield TV 2019 offers a different aesthetic section to the set top boxes that we usually see, almost integrating it into the HDMI cable.

A cylindrical design

This new design is designed to be placed on the ground, as a connector between the power cable and the HDMI cable. This way it will not take up space next to the TV.

The Shield TV 2019 has an Ethernet port in case we do not want to connect it via Wifi, as well as a slot to put a microSD card. It does not have USB ports, unlike the Pro model.

The internal memory is 8 GB, and it has 2 GB of RAM, lower figures than its older sister. We have Wifi ac and bluetooth 5.0.

It has support for 4K HDR resolution and intelligent image rescaling, similar to the Pro model.

A redesigned remote control

One of the biggest changes of this model is the remote control, which happens to be an element with many more buttons, among which one dedicated to Netflix and another that serves for the menu but that can be customized to launch any application.

Like the Pro model, this set top box has no video game controller, something that Nvidia has decided to control the cost. However, we can buy it separately , or use a compatible one, such as the XBox, PS4 and more models.

Price and availability of the Nvidia Shield TV 2019

The price of this device is $ 149.99 and its sale has been confirmed both in the United States and in Europe, although there are still no availability or specific markets.