The bible of alarm sounds: files with the 250 sounds of Google

Although many users believe that Pixels offer the purest Android experience, reality indicates otherwise. Google has been customizing its terminals little by little. Yes, it is true that he has not done it like other brands, aggressively and visually, but there are more and more modifications within these devices, which take them away from other models.

One of the changes is that Google introduces some functions and, from time to time, some applications that while they are useful, do not work on other models. One of them is Google Sounds , an app that goes through its second version, and second revision, in which the company hosts all the sounds related to notifications, alarm sounds or ringtones.

La biblia de los sonidos de alarma: archivos con los 250 sonidos de Google

Download the alarm sounds from Google

The problem is that this application, as we say, is designed for Pixels and although it is true that it can work on some phones, it does not work on everyone. That’s why in Android Police they have extracted more than 250 sounds and categorized them into files so you can download them and use the one you like best.

When you download them and unzip the corresponding file, you have to go to the settings and choose the sound you like best. If they do not appear, you should surely move it to the System Notifications folder, which is where the predefined sounds are housed.

However, before downloading these files you can try to download the Google Sounds 2.2 application in APK Mirror in case it works on your specific model.