The camera of the old Pixel improves with the new GCam: superzoom at night and astrophotography

The modified versions of GCam, the Google camera application, are often very popular when improving the photographic quality of many phones. However, the utility of these modified versions has much more value than we think.

It turns out that these modified versions not only improve phones that are not Pixel, but also Pixel’s own from previous generations, which sometimes run out of some improvements.

GCam mods also enhance the old Pixel

One of the most important developments is the astrophotography mode, the star feature of Pixel 4, and also compatible with Google Pixel 3 and 3A. Previous generations (Pixel 1 and 2) were left out, since the technology does not seem mature enough to get a great experience.

This new mod unlocks astrophotography functionality. To activate it you have to leave your Pixel on a surface where absolutely nothing moves (the best example is a tripod) and aim at the sky. Activate the night mode, and if the circumstances occur, the mode will be automatically activated.

During the weekend I tried using the mode on my Pixel 2 XL, without much success, although Android Police have been able to . We will update the article as soon as we can perform an Astrophotography test in conditions.

What we have been able to try is the Super Functional Zoom in night mode. What a difference compared to the native application of the Pixel 2 XL.

And another important improvement of the night mode, in the settings we can modify the focus mode. Great.

You can download the modified version of Cstark27 in its GCam repository. In theory these improvements are applied to Pixels, but over time we may see them work on new phones.

GCam 7.2 Mod Cstark27.