MIUI 11 already in the Pocophone F1, the mobile begins to update

The owners of Pocophone F1 receive the promised update to MIUI 11, the latest version of the Xiaomi custom layer. Of course, even without Android 10.

Immersed as we are in full season of updates, and with a Christmas calendar that will become inevitable once November comes into effect, most brands with Android is quick to raise the relevant updates to Android 10 . Also updates of the layer, as is the case of MIUI , Xiaomi’s own software. You have a little? Your luck is not small.

Jokes sent apart, we have good news for the owners of a Pocophone F1 : as the calendar of updates to MIUI 11 read, this mobile star of 2018 is receiving the new Xiaomi customization layer, hopefully with the launcher Little integrated.

Update via 1.81 GB OTA with MIUI 11 and without Android 10

MIUI 11 ya en el Pocophone F1, el móvil comienza a actualizarse

The first thing that we must clarify is that the update, despite the considerable size it has, arrives without Android 10 , so all the Poco F1 updated to MIUI are kept in Android 9 Pie as the base system version. Of course, this does not imply that the Pocophone will not be updated to Android 10 since, at least in principle, this update is confirmed .

As the owners of the phone in different countries, including Spain , confirm , Pocophone F1 has started the round of updates to MIUI 11 in its stable and global version . This implies that it is enough that you go to the phone settings and press on the search for updates: the safest thing is that you already have it available. If this is not the case, you will have to wait a bit: the new ROM has not yet been published on the MIUI download page .

The news included in MIUI 11 are notable. Among them are:

  • Dynamic font system . The letter adapts to the screen size and space of the applications.
  • Dynamic lock screen MIUI 11 incorporates a new dynamic mode for the lock screen that can vary in style automatically. In addition, the Ambient Display has also been improved. Both options can be customized in many different ways.
  • Nature sounds for alarms and notifications . MIUI 11 has several integrated sounds that can be selected for different tones and melodies.
  • More efficient and intitutive system : MIUI 11 adapts to the uses of each person.
  • Fast file transfer between other smartphones and devices, such as computers.
  • File manager improves document viewing. .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls …
  • Screen transmission to other devices.
  • Improvements in user privacy.
  • Improved reminders that adapt to the moment thanks to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Enhanced energy saving mode : up to 5% less consumption.
  • New photo gallery : MIUI 11 makes automatic albums with memories, trips … Also the aesthetics of the application changes to fit the new appearance of the layer. And AI takes center stage: the gallery is able to identify similar images.
  • New space for children.
  • Improvements in the safety and use of the device : new parental controls, digital well-being, emergency alerts, immediate alerts to family members in case of any catastrophe …
  • MIUI 11 updates Xiaomi applications with new style and more news.