Samsung shows on video its new folding mobile?

A developer conference created by Samsung is currently taking place in the United States. In SDC19 the use of some of the company’s services and platforms is encouraged. There has been talk of One UI 2.0 , the new interface that will arrive with Android 10 to the mobile phones of the Korean company, or of Bixby, the assistant who presented a novelty a year ago.

But the most striking has been that Samsung has made a video in which it invites developers to keep in mind the folding screens, screens that need a series of modifications in the applications, as we tell you in the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Fold .

In that video you see the first Samsung mobile … next to what appears to be the second model.

A new Samsung mobile phone, or so it seems

If you look at the video, you can see how the first model is a carbon copy of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a small external screen and a huge screen inside, which behaves differently.

Samsung muestra en vídeo ¿su nuevo móvil plegable?

In the second part of the video you can see a new device, which fits with what has been rumored for a long time that Samsung is preparing, a folding mobile similar to Motorola Razr, which by the way will also have its version renewed shortly .

In this new device it can be seen that it uses only one screen, along the entire length of the terminal, and that it folds on its larger side, leaving a fairly compact smartphone.

Samsung muestra en vídeo ¿su nuevo móvil plegable?

In addition, the interface allows you to use the device itself as a support, as Samsung has shown in the video, reducing the operating area in the videos, for example, to the upper half of the screen.

This idea, and others, is what Samsung wants developers to implement in their applications, supposedly so that when their new smartphone is announced in a few weeks, or months, there are the most compatible apps already on the market.