The Google Pixel 4 is a great smartphone for deaf people

Today, practically everyone has a mobile phone. And yes, it is true that we hardly use them anymore to talk, at least if we compare it with other uses, but it is still the tool with which we perform this type, and another, of tasks.

But not everyone has the same capabilities. In a reddit thread we have seen the story told by a user who suffers from deafness. In it, he explains why he has opted for a Google Pixel 4 over an iPhone or a Samsung, and that his previous mobile was from Apple.

Live Transcribe and Live Caption

As we said when we tell you the news of Android 10, Google has put the batteries with accessibility in this version, directly and indirectly. One of the most useful functions of Android is Google Live Transcribe , a system with which we can see written what happens around us, from noises to conversations.

This application is available for many Android phones, but the author of the thread on reddit also mentioned Live Caption , the new feature of the Pixel 4 that is capable of putting real-time subtitles to any video, audio file, etc. Of course, this is not useful for voice calls, but we can transcribe them with Google Live Transcribe if we put the phone in hands-free mode.

New voice recorder ideal for deaf people

It also mentions the new voice recorder that comes standard in Pixel 4 and which we have already talked about . In this app we can see written text that has been extracted from an audio, and even perform searches.

For the user who wrote the thread on reddit the mobile is certainly not perfect, as we already told you in his analysis .

Nevertheless, we hope that all these functions, which are software, end up being standard on all Android phones, even from the current version, Android 10.