The INE will have access to the location of all Spanish mobiles

In recent years, mobile devices have become a hole for our privacy. However, sometimes this information can be valuable. And that is what they seem to have thought of the National Statistics Institute (the INE).

For 8 days during the next year , the agency will have access to one of the largest data banks that it could access: the location of each Spanish mobile.

Why do they do it? How will they do it? When will they do it? Is it legal? How can I avoid it? We tell you the key aspects.

Access to the location of almost all Spanish mobiles for 8 days

The INE’s job is to collect information about the Spaniards, something they usually get by conducting surveys. It is worth mentioning that conducting a survey of all users in the Spanish territory is practically impossible.

But thanks to technology, the INE will be able to carry out one of the largest statistical studies in its history, obtaining the location of almost all Spanish mobiles for 8 days. This information will be obtained thanks to a collaboration with Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

The main reason is to study the movements of the Spaniards in certain circumstances : a typical week, a weekend, a very important holiday and a typical summer holiday week. With these data, they hope to get a better idea of ​​how the average Spanish moves through Spain. This information will be useful to improve the country’s infrastructure more effectively.

When will they do it? In the following days:

  • From November 18 to 21: displacement flow through studies or work.
  • November 24: displacement flow on a Sunday.
  • December 25 : Christmas travel.
  • July 20 and August 15: trips for summer vacations.

Is this legal? According to the INE, the information collected will be completely anonymous, so they should not include data protection laws.

What can we do to prevent them from registering our information? If you are dissatisfied with this study, the easiest way is to remove the SIM from your mobile and turn off the phone during those days. Although if you really care that nobody knows where you are with absolute probability, theirs is that you disconnect it permanently.