The new beast of Xiaomi will arrive in Spain: 5 cameras and one of 108 Mpx

Xiaomi has often proposed the end of the year, its release schedule is being rushed almost until the last moments. And look that the brand has presented mobiles and other devices throughout 2019, but it still has a lot of war to give. Because, were you waiting for the brand’s mobile with a 108 Mpx camera ?

Today we learned about the advance in China of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro , the next smartphone to land in the brand’s catalog and second to include the 108 Mpx sensor manufactured by Samsung after the Xiaomi Mi Alpha . Said CC9 Pro will be an attractive phone, wherever you look at it, although behind it it will stand out with greater virtues: it will include nothing more and nothing less than five cameras. And the phone would be about to arrive in Europe, Spain included, in the form of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 .

Xiaomi unveils in networks the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, a mobile with 5 rear cameras and 108 Mpx sensor

La nueva bestia de Xiaomi llegará a España: 5 cámaras y una de 108 Mpx

The leaks became official at the time the brands themselves advance the news before they appear . Xiaomi is an expert in it, so it has not surprised us that its Twitter accounts published a communication advancing a Mi Note 10 . The data does not give rise to much doubt: as it has done with the rest of the CC9 family phones, the last one presented in China will also have an international version.

« Mi Note 10 is coming «, so says the announcement in Xiaomi Spain and Xiaomi Global . Below is a graphic representing the photographic objectives and a motto: « The world’s first phone with 5 cameras and one of 108 Mpx «. As the saying goes, white and bottled: it is the exact definition of the advanced Xiaomi CC9 Pro in China.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 would have the aforementioned Samsung camera with 108 Mpx , also with three other cameras and a ToF depth sensor. The brand would have included 5x optical zoom without periscope, a macro lens and a wide angle. According to rumors, these not confirmed by Xiaomi, the mobile would have a Snapdragon 855+ , 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with 90 Hz refresh rate and 4000 mAh battery .

We should not take long to see it, surely it is already on its way to Spain. The most likely is that the brand makes a more or less joint presentation: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 for international markets, Xiaomi CC9 Pro for within China.