The Orange operator bank already has an opening date in Spain

Mobile phone operators have gone through many stages since they were founded at the end of the last century, usually as subsidiaries of telecommunications companies. Since then we have seen how they have gone from controlling the user’s relationship with brands to being providers of data and calls.

In recent years, companies dedicated to this have been evolving, entering new territories, such as security or home automation . And also the banking.

Orange Bank will open in Spain in November

El banco de la operadora Orange ya tiene fecha de apertura en España

The French operator has announced today in an event that will open Orange Bank in Spain at the end of November , and that will be exclusive, at least in principle, for the clients of the operator in our country.

You can hire in a few minutes, through the company’s website or the company’s physical stores. In 2020 an account can also be opened in stores that sell Orange products and services that are not from the company itself and will be opened to anyone later.

Mobile payments, biometric identification …

El banco de la operadora Orange ya tiene fecha de apertura en España

Orange has confirmed that the bank will be 100% online and will focus on offering products of interest to its customers, such as mobile payments or biometric identification in all operations that can be done from its application.

Orange Bank will have an application for Android and another for iOS, and aims to offer a simple experience, without commissions, up to what is expected of banking in the 21st century.

In France, Orange Bank has been operational for two years , having obtained more than 340,000 clients and having granted more than 120,000 loans, figures that are not negligible. In Spain, the operator intends to get 10% of its customers to contract this service with them, which would mean more than 1.5 million users.