Turn your phone into a Nintendo Switch with this new remote

Nintendo has shown that the portable game is still very much alive, with a proposal that had its own way, as is usual in the Japanese company. We have already talked about the Nintendo Switch .

Games on smartphones are the alternative to that proposal from Nintendo and now we can have a similar experience in terms of ergonomics thanks to a new peripheral that has been put up for sale by the manufacturer Razer.

This is the Razer Junglecat

Convierte tu móvil en una Nintendo Switch con este nuevo mando

This new control command works as an external bluetooth device or as a support for the mobile, extending behind the mobile and coupling each half on one side. In addition to Android, we can use it with Windows computers as one more control knob.

Convierte tu móvil en una Nintendo Switch con este nuevo mando

The inner case, where we place the phone, is compatible with various models, but they are not the same in all markets. In the United States we can use the Razer Phone 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and in the rest of the world we can use the Razer Phone 2, the Huawei P30 Pro and again the Samsung Galaxy S10 +.

We can use it with any mobile if we leave it compacted. Compatible games are those that appear on this website .

Thought to play … Nintendo Switch

The Junglecat has a low latency bluetooth connection as well as a battery that gives us an autonomy of about 100 hours of play, according to the manufacturer.

We can even use the Razer Gamepad application to modify the sensitivity of the secondary trigger, something relevant in first-person games with weapons.

Price and availability

This control via bluetooth control can now be purchased at the Razer online store at a price of 119.99 euros , and is available on the Spanish website.