These are the best apps of 2019 according to Samsung

That 2019 is about to end is a fact. And it is not only enough to look at the calendar to realize that November is already showing its leg , also the latest releases in mobile phones and accessories show it. And also the compilations with the best of 2019 , like the one Samsung has made of its Galaxy Store .

Since all Samsung mobile owners have access to the company’s app and game store, the Galaxy Store, the developers’ effort to stand out in the catalog is remarkable. And Samsung rewards it annually by choosing the best applications of the year, awards that it grants in its developer conference, the SDC ( Samsung Developer Conference ).

The 2019 SDC is currently being held in San Jose, California. Thousands of developers come to it, many of them with apps and games within the Galaxy Store or with an interest in publishing their work in this store. And 25 of them were awarded the prizes for the best applications, also for the best Devs. The variety and quality is notorious.

Samsung recognizes the best 25 apps and games developers

Análisis del Samsung Galaxy Note 10: en su tamaño está la mejor virtud

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The SDC 2019 had its opening ceremony yesterday with an event in which the state of Android was analyzed at the development level, the health of application stores and how Samsung faces the evolution in its platforms, from Bixby to televisions He also highlighted the 25 best apps, games and developers of the Samsung Galaxy Store by selecting them in 25 categories .

In what strictly concerns the best apps and games of 2019 , Samsung rewarded the following: