Access the secret settings of MIUI with this app for Xiaomi

Access the secret settings of MIUI with this app for Xiaomi

All Xiaomi users can realize that MIUI is a very particular layer. The interface of the Chinese firm modifies Android quite a bit and adds many options that the system does not have by default, something that is seen for example in the calibration and configuration of the screen.

But although we have many options available, there are others that are hidden, and a new app for Xiaomi that we can download from the Play Store can show them to us.

An app for Xiaomi very particular

Access the secret settings of MIUI with this app for Xiaomi

This application is called MIUI Quick Settings and is a directory with many actions that we can do on mobile phones that have MIUI and Android 5 or higher.

When we open it we see a list of sections by categories that make it easier for us to find what we want or need. Here we have actions of two types.

On the one hand we have shortcuts to sections of the system that although they are not hidden they are quite hidden, or that we have simply overlooked. An example is the ability of MIUI to adapt the size of the interface or change the way the mobile uses the battery.

On the other hand we have less common actions, to which this application gives us access. For example, we can test if the speaker works well, see if we have dead pixels on the screen …

An app to use with care

When we open the application we are warned that we have to be careful when using it, and it is true. This application can modify some system parameters that would cause our mobile phone to run out of coverage, so you have to think carefully about what we do before touching the buttons and options crazy.

The app can be downloaded for free and shows an ad in a timely manner, but has no in-app purchases or permanent banners. In addition, it has dark mode, in case you want to use it this way.