Download Angry Birds in augmented reality for Android phones

Although we have been waiting for more than we would have liked (in iOS this game has been available for quite some time), we can finally play the Angry Birds classic but in a way that we would not have imagined when we first tried it for less than ten years ago years.

Playing anywhere

This new proposal focuses on the way of playing, since using augmented reality we can place the different phases and levels where we want. Therefore, just before starting each game, we will need a flat surface, such as a table, the floor or a bed.

In it will appear each of the structures created by the green pigs and that we must destroy with the already classic slingshot. Now we will have this weapon in the first person, and we must touch the birds to get on it.

Sliding from top to bottom on the screen (with the mobile horizontally), we will launch the birds to the area we want.

Moving while we play

One of the biggest differences of this game with the previous versions is that we are not limited to a single perspective. We can turn around the surface we have chosen to build the structure and see which is the most suitable place to shoot.

We can also approach and move away to find our bird in a very specific place.

A reinvented classic

We will have 70 levels, although the developers have announced that there will be more in the future, with the birds we already know and their different powers. Also present are the different building materials such as wood or dynamite boxes.

This game can be downloaded for free and it is necessary to install ARCore, augmented reality services which Google expressly developed for Android. If a mobile phone is not compatible with ARCore, you could not use this game, although there are always ways to skip that limitation.