WhatsApp already has the fingerprint lock for everyone

WhatsApp activates fingerprint blocking to all

Who we use WhatsApp In its beta version we usually test the new features of the application before anyone else. So it has been with the stickers or with group calls, to give two examples. Or with one of the privacy and security options that were best integrated into the messaging application: the blocking conversations with the footprint.

Since a good part of the current mobiles own the fingerprint scanner as a biometric method of authentication, many applications use it to introduce a second layer of security into applications. And, since WhatsApp is one of the apps that most unauthorized looks attract, having a secure protection system is an excellent way to avoid leaks.

A beta feature now available in the stable version: protect your WhatsApp chats with the fingerprint

WhatsApp activates fingerprint blocking to all

If you are thinking that you have been with that option in your WhatsApp for months, you are right: the application introduced it in the beta with the version 2.19.221, in mid-August of this year. Two and a half months of open tests passed and finally the developers decided to allow blocking with stable WhatsApp footprint. This has been confirmed by the company itself in a blog article.

To activate the fingerprint lock You just need to do the following:

  • Access the settings of your WhtasApp by clicking on the three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Enter the options of «Bill», Then in« Privacy ».
  • Descend to the option of «Fingerprint lock».
  • Now you just have to activate the option «Unlock with fingerprint». Confirm with the fingerprint registered on your phone.
  • You can choose three automatic locks: just close WhatsApp, after 1 minute after closing or after half an hour. You decide, but the first option is the safest. Also somewhat cumbersome since you will always have to put the mark to get into your conversations
  • The last setting allows you block message content in notifications. If you don't want them to be read, activate it.

You should already have the fingerprint lock active, in principle you don't need to update: the option is activated from the server side. In case it still does not appear, you may have to wait a while. And you can always install the beta.