The Google Lens copy has ads, purchases and 1 million downloads

Amazing: this copy of Google Lens has ads, subscription and 1 million downloads

How well do we know our phone, that device that we carry on a daily basis and with which we spend more time than even with our friends? We might think that we know it to a great extent since the daily use makes a dent in the experience to lead to the knowledge, but the reality is not so clear. At least at a general level.

If I named you Google Lens Surely it sounds to you. You may not use it often, but you should know that it is an option integrated in almost any Android and that, through Assistant, allows from identify objects to translate any text that you find yourself in reality or in a photo. As it is from Google, Lens is free and has no ads, two more reasons to use it. Well, what if I told you that there is an app that is triumphing in the Play Store imitating the operation of Lens? With ads and scratching the scam.

Charge a subscription for doing the same as Google Lens, that's Triplens

Amazing: this copy of Google Lens has ads, subscription and 1 million downloads

I usually dive in the Android app store to find news in apps, games to talk about and, as I do every Tuesday and Friday, I also rescue offers to save you money on quality applications. And I usually analyze the behavior of developers around subscriptions, an increasingly controversial element in mobile software.

As I have already reported on more than one occasion through The Free Android, there is a tendency to trick the user into subscribing to services that would find free in many other applications. In addition, prices are not exactly cheap and often take advantage of the interface to deepen the deception. Making it necessary to subscribe, and remarking that they offer free days, the subscriber receives a permanent charge that often does not know how to cancel.

Amazing: this copy of Google Lens has ads, subscription and 1 million downloads

Triplens It is not a new application because, as AppBrain details, it has Google Play Store since February 2019. The behavior of the app to win users is new: it is running ad campaigns to attract audiences to fool with a subscription. And the hook is to offer the same thing that Google Lens does for free and a thousand times better: identify objects and translate the text of the images.

In the application the subscription is invited to perform unlimited translations and recognition. By default, Triplens "gives" ten uses; must pay the whopping of 13.99 per month for something that Google Lens already offers on any phone and without installing anything. As if this were not enough, the application covers the phone ads. Because of course, cheating for people to bite was not enough.

Google He makes special mention of this type of attitude in developer policies. Two fragments are key:

  • We do not support applications that attempt to deceive users or facilitate fraudulent behavior.
  • Applications should not mimic the functions or warnings of the operating system or other applications.

Google should cut with the picaresque subscriptions

Amazing: this copy of Google Lens has ads, subscription and 1 million downloads

As usually happens, so that they do not deceive us it is advisable to know what we use. Of course, even if a person unaware of the technology ignores the huge amount of native possibilities that your phone has, this is no excuse for developers to exist. take advantage of innocence to charge an insulting monthly amount for something that is free.

It is advisable to teach those who know your phone less, also advise them on what should they do when they find subscription and purchase windows. In addition, it is advisable to review frequently what subscriptions are targeted: more than once we will take surprises.

To check what subscriptions do you have registered in your Google Play Store you just have to do the following:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Slide the left side menu and click on the option Subscriptions.
  • You will see the subscriptions you have active: you should check it frequently.
  • Click on the subscription you want to unsubscribe: the message appears below Cancel subscriptionThe canceled subscription will continue to work until the date you have to renew it.