Free applications that were paid, if not the downloads disappear

I don't know about you, but we were burning with the desire for this moment to come, to enjoy Friday and a good collection of payment applications at zero euros. What do you think of the plan? Relax outside of work, discover new apps and games … The best thing is that you can extend this plan the rest of the weekend, that you deserve a good rest.

All offers and discounts they kept the cost indicated at the time of publishing this article. Since they are temporary discounts, their prices are subject to change; so you may go to Google Play and applications have lost the discount. Hurry up, only then will you get them all.

Free apps

Free games

Free customization applications

Let's see, let's see, they didn't finish all the offers … Do you want more discounted software? We have selected a handful of apps and games of enormous quality that are now very well priced. We recommend them.

Mobile Observatory 3 Pro: Astronomy

This impressive astronomical application is all you need to observe the sky and discover all the stars we have around our planet. Live view, information about the stars, widgets, notifications with astronomical events … It is a brutal app that is now half price.




Games that continue on offer: