The second Xiaomi watch would be on its way, under the Redmi brand

The second Xiaomi watch would be on its way, under the Redmi brand

A few days ago Xiaomi presented its first smartwatch in China. The first under its brand, because there are several within its ecosystem, mostly manufactured by Huami under the Amazfit brand.

But the Xiaomi Mi Watch is different for many reasons, especially because it uses Wear OS, the platform for Google smartwatches, on which runs MIUI for Watch, the version of its graphical interface, rethought for watches.

At the moment there are no plans that this watch will leave China, although it may be so. What we did not expect is that shortly after its announcement the gossip began, so to speak, on a new model.

Redmi, the Xiaomi subsidiary, becomes fashionable

Amazfit GTS

Coinciding with the presentation of MIUI For Watch, Redmi CEO Lu Weibing has posted a comment on his Weibo profile that has given wings to fans. The translation would be this:

What do you think of the first Xiaomi watch?

Are you waiting for Redmi's watch?

As you can imagine, this opens the possibility that Redmi is working on a watch that MIUI For Watch would also use, since the comment has been made mentioning the presentation of this operating system.

It would fit in Redmi's strategy

The Xiaomi watch will be a clone of the Apple Watch with Wear OS

As a low cost brand, Redmi has no problem competing with Xiaomi, with cheap mobiles, with televisions that can make the competition to Xiaomi's own, etc.

That is why it does not seem crazy that the brand finally launches into a market that is clearly dominated by Apple, with almost 50 of worldwide sales, something barbaric considering Apple Watch prices and not They are compatible with Android.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that at the moment there is no official announcement. Hopefully that will change soon.