WhatsApp drains the battery in some Xiaomi and OnePlus

We live in a time of computer science quite accelerated. Until not long ago, updating a computer program was something quite strange, something that happened every few months, if anything.

With smartphones this has changed radically and we update the applications every few days. This sometimes causes us to have some inconveniences, such as those found by some Xiaomi and OnePlus mobile users.

The latest update of WhatsApp gives battery problems

WhatsApp drains the battery in some Xiaomi and OnePlus

Some people have detected that the version WhatsApp 2.19.308 It has begun to spend huge amounts of energy on multi-brand models. This has happened both in terminals that use Android 9 Pie and Android 10 so it does not seem like a system or mobile failure.

In Reddit some users have been alarmed to see how WhatsApp spent almost half of the mobile power, 40 in a charging cycle. Others have even had worse experiences, with 25 of expenses in two hours.

Complaints have also been seen in the official OnePlus forums, with several affected models, such as the OnePlus 6T or the latest OnePlus 7T. The same happens in Xiaomi models such as the Redmi Note 7 and even some Google Pixel.

Something similar, although in another version of the application, is happening on the iPhone that use WhatsApp, as we read in the WABetainfo Twitter profile.

We will have to wait for an update

At the moment WhatsApp has not made any official declaration but for it to be solved it will be necessary to wait for an update that corrects it, not only to put new functions.

The only alternative option is to uninstall the application and install an APK of an earlier version, without updating later, as is obvious. For this we can go to the section of this application in stores such as APK Mirror, where they save several previous versions.