Enjoy the best classical music in streaming with IDAGIO

IDAGIO has a wide variety in its available music catalog

There are technologies that are here to stay and streaming is one of them. We have streaming movies, series, music and recently even video games. Especially in the music world there is a great variety of streaming platforms.

The most popular are Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, among others, platforms where we find a wide variety of musical genres. But what happens if we are bitter music lovers of classical music? You are in luck, since IDAGIO has arrived.

IDAGIO, classical music in its purest form

Our protagonist is a platform dedicated exclusively to offering the best classical music, in the best possible quality. For this he has surrounded himself with best record labels in the sector, a guarantee that quality is one of its main premises.

We talk about the catalog of greats like, Deutshce Grammophon, Sony Classical, Decca, Warner classics, Erato, Harmonia Mundi Y ECM. Putting at our disposal two million tracks lossless audio, another hallmark of this platform.

IDAGIO not only has the premise of offering all the classical music of the best labels, but also that sound as it was originally recorded. And for that task, all the music on the platform is recorded in FLAC which guarantees us the best possible sound experience.

IDAGIO has a wide variety in its available music catalog

Having a high content, we need a platform that is easy to use for all users. An aspect in which IDAGIO also shows attention to detail in its application, making available to us a friendly and visually pleasing environment.

Finding us on a first tab the latest releases and daily recommendations of music. If we want to explore this world of classical music, in the second tab we can search using various criteria for it. And in the next tab we find perhaps the most curious option, since it will recommend us music according to our mood.

IDAGIO gives us 14 days of testing and we can choose the level of audio quality

But as a good streaming application, IDAGIO puts at our disposal the power to do our own collection of favorite music, which we can group into playlists. These lists can be enjoyed without having internet, thanks to the offline mode.




IDAGIO is in Spanish and we can try the platform free for 14 days, then it is a monthly fee of 9 euros. We can also use it on any device, since it is multi platform, being available for Android, iOS, macOS and through the web player.