10 high-end phones of 2018 perfect to buy now

10 high-end phones of 2018 perfect to buy now

The high-end on Android evolves at a great pace. We find more and more phones, which make many users look to change phones almost every year. Although the truth is that we can buy devices launched last year, which today are still a good option to consider in this market segment.

We leave you with 10 high-end phones launched in 2018, which are still a good option to consider. Quality phones, which leave us with good specifications and continue to live up to what millions of users want or need in a phone.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Last year Huawei began with the change of names in its ranges, thanks to what they left us with the Mate 20. In this new high-end, presented last fall, the company presented the Mate 20 Pro, a top of the range as we show in your analysis. As usual in the Chinese brand phones, it is their cameras that stand out in this case.

This phone has a 40 Mpx sensor with wide angle optics and f / 1.8 aperture, a second ultra-wide 20 Mpx sensor with f / 2.2 aperture and a third 8 Mpx sensor with telephoto (2x) optics and f / 2.4 aperture. All of them powered by Artificial Intelligence and with functions of great interest such as HDR mode, portrait mode, super slow motion, 4K video recording, Artificial Intelligence to detect scenes … A world of possibilities in this regard. We must add some good specifications, with Kirin 980 processor that gives great power and good autonomy, to see that it is a high quality range.

It remains one of the best options within the high-end today, one year after its launch. In addition, unlike the Mate 30, in this case we do not have to worry about the absence of Google applications and services, which is another aspect of importance for users. Currently what we can buy for only 497 euros on Amazon, in this link.

Galaxy Note 9

Another phone that was possibly one of the most prominent in the high-end on Android last year. The Galaxy Note 9 was released ahead of time to improve sales of this Samsung segment. The Korean brand left us with a quality phone, with a slightly modified design and where the S-Pen continued to have great prominence, with new functions included in this case. A good option in this segment, as we saw in your analysis.

This phone is presented as an ideal option for professionals, or people who want to use it for personal and professional use at the same time. Powerful, with many possibilities with that improved S-Pen, with good autonomy and with clear improvements in its cameras. In general, a very balanced telephone in this case, which is therefore a complete option to consider. Even today it is still superior to many phones in the high range.

Samsung once opted for the best possible performance on this phone, so that users will always get the best performance in this case. Therefore, we find a very balanced model in all its lines, which will satisfy all users. Also, have Guaranteed access to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 It's good news for everyone. It can be purchased for 664.95 euros currently.

OnePlus 6T

The Chinese brand leaves us only with phones within the high range. In 2018 they presented two good models, although it is this second device, presented in autumn last year, possibly the most complete option in that range. A design with a water drop shaped notch on your screen, with integrated fingerprint sensor already under the screen. Inside a processor like Snapdragon 845, which is still a powerful option.

In your analysis we could see that this phone showed the upline of the company in the market, polishing details that make the phone much more complete. The cameras on this phone are the same as we can see on the OnePlus 6, with a dual rear sensor of 16 + 20 MP. They are a breakthrough for the brand, although in that field it is still light years away from other brands on Android, such as Huawei or Samsung.

One of the aspects that make it interesting is that it continues to maintain a low price compared to other high-end phones last year. Since we can now buy this OnePlus 6T at a price of only 369 euros on Amazon. So it is a much more accessible option for users, who are looking for high-end quality and specifications, but with a somewhat lower price. It can be purchased at this link.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

The high-end Xiaomi has been making great advances in quality for a couple of years, something that contributes to its good sales. In 2018, the Chinese brand expanded this range clearly, with several models in it. One of the most prominent options in it was this Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, which was possibly your most advanced phone in that range. It maintains elements in common with the Mi 8, but it comes with changes.

The introduction of the fingerprint sensor under the screen It was one of the main changes in this Chinese brand phone. Use a 6.1-inch AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 845 as a processor. In its rear a double sensor of 12 MP and a front camera of 20 MP in this case. The phone's battery has a capacity of 3,000 mAh, compatible with Quick Charge 4.0. So it works well on all fronts, as you can see in this case.

In addition, it maintains another essential aspect in Xiaomi phones, which is its low price. Since we can buy this high-end at the price that many mid-range phones have today. An aspect that surely makes some of you interesting. It is currently priced at 346.29 euros, available on this link.


The OPPO Find X was one of the great revelations of the high-end in 2018. This phone from the Chinese manufacturer stood out for many different aspects. On the one hand, it came to the market with an innovative and different design than we were in other phones in stores. In addition, this phone had the fastest fast charge on the market, thanks to the brand's fast charging technology. Two key aspects in it.

There are just two aspects that we already highlight in the analysis of this phone, so it is something that undoubtedly makes it different from other options in the high-end launched in 2018. In fact, its load has remained the fastest during many months, showing the innovation of this fast charging Super VOOC of the Chinese brand. His cameras, with a double rear 20 + 16 MP, They are another aspect that more than meets this phone.

This innovative phone has been launched in Spain, although the price has not undergone changes in this time in the market. Since in most stores where we can buy it, it is still priced at 999 euros. So it is a phone that is not available to everyone, but which is undoubtedly one of the revelations of the high-end worldwide last year.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro, direct to the throne of photography

Huawei was one of the most prominent brands in the high range last year. One of the phones responsible for this, which showed the enormous growth and progress of the company in this regard, was the Huawei P20 Pro. The phone was one of the first to launch with a triple rear camera, which already caused a sensation for its operation. In addition to being a most powerful and balanced option in this market segment.

For this phone, the Chinese brand made use of a main sensor combination of 40 Mpx RGB, 20 Mpx monochrome and an 8 Mpx camera with telephoto Supported by its software and artificial intelligence, it was presented as one of the best options in the field of photography to reach the market. In addition, this phone has a powerful processor, good battery with good autonomy and a design that continues to work well.

Therefore, this Huawei P20 Pro is still a phone that has nothing to envy to other options within the current high range. Good phone, with good camera and zoom is one of its strengths. These are elements that have helped make the Chinese brand one of the references in this field on Android. We can buy it today at a price of 459 euros, a good price for this complete high-end.

LG V30

LG is one of the best known brands in the high-end Android. In 2018 they left us with two models, in their two ranges (G and V). Among these phones it is possible the LG V30 the most prominent of the two. As usual in the Korean brand phones, it is a fairly balanced model, which gives us a good performance on all fronts, but does not stand out as much as the flagships of other brands,

This phone stands out in the picture, where the company has worked hard to live up to other brands on Android. Also the sound, which is common in the phones of the firm, while in the rest of the fields, such as performance or autonomy, meets well but without being outstanding. All this is something we could already see in his analysis on the occasion of its launch, where we gather these good feelings that leaves us.

Currently we can buy this high-end in many stores. Its price has dropped significantly compared to its launch price, making it a most interesting option. We can buy it for only 369 euros on Amazon, in its version with 64 GB of storage. So if it seems like a good option, it's a good price to consider.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Presented at the MWC 2018, the Nokia 8 Sirocco It is seen by many as one of the most complete phones that the brand has presented so far. A good option if you are looking for a device in the high range, which remains a quality phone, although it has been more than a year since its launch to the market. It is a powerful phone, although the choice of processor has always been one of its great criticisms, also in its analysis.

Despite this, It is a compliant phone in all fields. A quality design, with good specifications, the use of Android One as an operating system, and good cameras are aspects that define this phone well. The brand has managed to collect aspects of previous models in their cameras, to leave us with a phone that without having the best camera on the market, meets in all kinds of situations. In addition to having a camera app easy to use and very fast.

This brand phone can be purchased today at a price of 379 euros. It is a good price for a high range that knows how to maintain its quality, which is still accessible to many users, especially for those who Want a pure Android experience, thanks to the absence of personalization layer on the phone.

Galaxy S9 Plus

As we have said before, Samsung is one of the most prominent brands in the high-end Android. Every year they leave us with two phones of enormous interest. One of those models is this Galaxy S9 Plus, which left us with a series of differences with respect to the normal model with which it was presented in its day. A top of the range that is worth considering.

The Galaxy S9 Plus is a powerful phone in every way, so it is a device that stands out in this high-end Android. Some impressions that we already collected in your analysis last year. The power is a key aspect, in addition to the improvements in their cameras, both the sensors and the accompanying software, to obtain better results when we take photos with this phone. It is still a great option today.

It is a device that we can buy today at a price of 429 euros. So there has been a notable drop compared to its launch price, although it still costs a lot for many users. But this Galaxy S9 Plus is definitely one of the best high-end that was launched last year to the market.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Google leaves us every year with a new generation of phones, high-end models, called to be the most popular on Android. This Pixel 3 XL is a good example of everything the firm can do. Since they left us with a powerful phone, where their camera (especially the software) stands out for its smooth operation. It is for many the best camera and camera software on the market.

In his analysis it is precisely an aspect that comes out very well. But we can see that it is a balanced phone, which has good specifications, with good screen and battery. So in general it is another good option within the high range. In addition, the pure Android experience and that they are always the first to update are other aspects that surely help many to decide on any of these phones.

Although the new generation of Google phones has already been launched, we can still buy this model. It has a price of 719 euros at Amazon currently. Therefore, if you were interested in this phone, you will be able to buy it now.