What they are and how control movements are used in Huawei

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Each layer of customization on Android has a series of additional functions, which are the ones that often interest users. Huawei makes use of EMUI on their phones, which usually leaves us with some functions that are not in other models on Android. A function available from EMUI 9 on phones are movements control.

If you have a Huawei phone that uses EMUI 9 or EMUI 9.1, you may have seen this feature on occasion. Although for many users it is a little known function. Therefore, here we tell you more about what these control movements are, in addition to how we can use it on our device.

What are control movements in Huawei and what are they for

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These control movements, as we can deduce by name, they are a series of movements that we carry out with the telephone, which allow to activate or carry out a certain function in it. Huawei offers users the ability to activate them, so that they will be able to use them on the device. These movements can substitute certain gestures or actions.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese movements is that Huawei control these shares are easier to carry this out way. Since making a move with the phone or on the phone, it will be enough to be able to make use of it. One way to facilitate the use of the device to users, so that the use is more personalized. They can also be a faster way to use these actions, as if it were a shortcut.

What movements are there?

Huawei leaves us with four movements in total available in this case. The three control movements are in the same section, so that we can activate each of them individually, for a better use of each of them. The three movements Chinese manufacturer lets us use are:

Approach the ear

A very natural gesture, how is the phone closer to our ears, is one of the control movements that Huawei offers us. In this case we can use it for several different actions. There are four in total, how to answer calls, to make calls, how to make calls in speakerphone mode or if we want to use it for calls with Bluetooth headphones.

Huawei allows us to activate them all, or we choose individually the option that is most comfortable for us. We are allowed to thus be able to answer calls or make, without touching any button or touch screen phone. Only with the gesture of bringing the phone to the ear will it be possible to do so. It can be comfortable for many users.

Capture three fingers

A new way to make a screenshot on Huawei and Honor phones, which we have already talked about. Instead of having to use physical buttons or click on the icon in the quick settings, it is possible to make a screenshot in a simpler and faster way on the device. You only have to use three fingers for this, which have to slide on the screen.

When making this gesture, with three fingers sliding across the screen, you will take a screenshot automatically. We can see them all in the capture folder in the phone gallery. It is a very convenient way to make captures and the most popular of Huawei control movements is possible.

Lift up

The second of the movements that the Chinese brand provides is to lift. Thanks to this movement it is possible Turn down the volume of incoming calls, phone or timer alarms. To do this, what you have to do is pick up the phone and this movement is executed, allowing you to lower the volume in that way. a simple gesture, but it can be very useful for some users.

When the device screen is off, is when we can pick up the phone to activate this gesture. It can be helpful when they make a call at an inappropriate time, or the volume of the tone is too high and we simply want to lower the volume of the phone. Huawei allows this to be done, but with a simple movement, picking up the phone.


The third of Huawei's control movements is flipping. Thanks to this movement can silence incoming calls or alarms turning the phone around. We are also allowed to choose whether we want to use this particular movement only with calls, only with alarms or with both at the same time. Each user will be able to configure the use of it in this way in a simple way.

It is a good way to silence a call no need to use phone buttons. Through a movement as simple as flipping the phone, we can silence a call. When using this movement on the phone, the audio is muted and the vibration of the device is also deactivated in that call or alarm.

How these control movements are activated

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Probably many users with phones Huawei and Honor wish to activate these control movements on your device As we mentioned before, this is something that users with EMUI 9 and EMUI 9.1 can use. Also in EMUI 10 they remain present, but the update is something that for many still will not arrive. If you want to be able to activate these control movements, the steps to follow are:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Enter the Smart Assistance section.
  • Go to the Control movements section.
  • Activate the movement or movements that interest you.

Thus we already have these control movements working on our phone Huawei or Honor. Whenever we want it will be possible to activate or deactivate one to our liking, following the same steps. A function that insurance is useful for many users.