I don't understand the new Motorola Razr or why it should exist

I've been seeing leaks on this mobile for months, seeing how colleagues, friends and acquaintances freaked out in anticipation of this iconic return of a classic.

And here it is, a mobile with very little battery, limited in power and functionality. All with an excessively high price. What sense of existence does it have in 2019?

Motorola Razr: the icon of an era

Surely more than one has pulled the hair thinking that I "do not understand what this mobile means." It is precisely to have passed five years using this mobile which makes me think of the irrelevance of this model in 2019.

The first version of this mobile came out at the end of 2004, a completely different time than we are currently living. The iPhone had not yet been invented, and Android was beginning to be designed as a system for cameras.

The arrival of this Motorola was a before and after, becoming for many the best design ever seen on a mobile phone. But why was it considered such a good design?

The market trend at the time

The trend of mobile phones at that time was very different from what we have today. Before the arrival of a fast and affordable mobile Internet for everyone and quality applications (there were applications for PDAs, but they did not reach the level of what we live on Android).

Evolution of mobile phones (Via)

At that time, the mobile phone was an almost exclusive communication tool, made to call, receive calls and send messages. Having tools like a calculator, music player or some game was almost a prodigy of the time.

With those use cases, it was normal for the cell phone battery to last several days, even weeks. It is not that the mobiles of before had better batteries, but that the battery lasted because there was no demand for applications and contents that spent the battery.

What was the trend then? If we go many more years ago, we will remember mobile phones with exactly the same type of functionality. The trend was the mobile communication. That is, what prevailed was to be able to communicate with a device as transportable as possible.

Motorola Razr: the top of a design for a product type

At that time, it was imperative to have the most compact design possible to communicate, provided that the battery was able to withstand a minimum use time. Given this trend, shell-type mobiles became design references.

The Motorola Razr was an extremely compact mobile, with an absurdly thin thickness when deployed. A technical prodigy of the time, a design that reached almost perfection in the trends of the time.

For the market trends of the time, the Motorola Razr was a great design.

A product with trends from 2004 to 2019

Now back to 2019, a time that is completely different. The phones are now intelligent and connected, full of applications, games, and for many it already represents the central axis of their digital life.

They are no longer the pocket phone, but the pocket PC. Every time we use them more, and that is why there is a demand for larger screens and batteries. The market follows completely different rules.

The new 2019 Motorola Razr arrives with cutting-edge technology, using an innovative flexible screen, but does not quite understand the essence of flexible screens. And it is normal that with a first generation new experiments arise, but Motorola seems the least practical reflection has.

The biggest counterpart of flexible screens is that they give us even more screen in the same space. In the case of Motorola, the screen of a compact mobile (because 6.2 inches in 21: 9 format is not excessively large) in a space that occupies half that of a conventional mobile.

Its 2510 mAh are the type of battery that mobile phones would have today if they had continued the obsession of being increasingly thin (a trend we saw a few years ago and that was set aside to focus on improving batteries).

The 2019 Motorola Razr style a format that is not practical for the market as current trends are understood. It is a mobile designed to be used much less than a conventional mobile, a mobile that is more a design product than an almighty tool.

A mobile that makes no sense unless you have a predilection to relive the best of the past. A mobile that is more called to be a product of design than of technology. A mobile phone to design.

And it's not a bad thing, no matter how it may seem. Because, even if it doesn't make practical sense, life is sometimes more fun following these original paths.