the test reaches everyone

Months ago it was announced that Instagram planned to remove the likes of its photos, a measure that caused fear among influencers. Since that announcement, the social network has been doing tests in several countries. They started in April in Canada, followed by others like Italy, Japan or Australia in the month of July. Last week was the turn of the United States.

Now the company goes a step further in testing this function: Instagram is already hiding the likes of users worldwide, a confirmation that the social network continues with these plans despite the protests of many influencers and comments about the decrease in the number of likes.

Worldwide tests

Instagram starts Try this new feature globally now. Having done tests in Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Brazil, the social network already tests the functioning of hidden likes for some users around the world. At the moment, few like the disappeared, but cases have already been reported in various countries, outside those in which tests were made.

With this measure you will not be able to see the number of likes that the publication of another account has, although it will be possible to continue seeing at all times how many likes do your own posts have. This is the main change of this measure of the social network, which is not exempt from controversy so far.

The reasons why Instagram wants to hide the number of likes is for eliminate that feeling of competition that predominates in the application. Users upload photos wishing to get as many likes as possible and seeking the approval of others. In addition, eliminating the likes would allow users to focus on the quality of the content.

Criticisms on Instagram


The tests carried out with this measure have already left figures that many seek to use against the social network. In countries like Australia or Brazil, hiding likes had the consequence that I like it down 15 in the posts on Instagram. In the study, carried out by HyperAuditor, falls of between 3 and 15 could be seen in some cases.

This is an argument that influencers hold because they do not want to hide the amount of likes in the application. Despite its protests, the social network continues with its plans, now worldwide. This testing phase would be the last before the function becomes official for all users.

So far there have been no dates for likes They hide for all users on Instagram. This week this new test is carried out, but from the company they have not provided data on the next step.