Mobile phones with MIUI 11 and Xiaomi televisions will be able to detect earthquakes

One of the goals of technology is to make our lives easier, and the prevention of possible natural disasters is a well-implemented feature that can save multiple lives.

The integration of technologies that help us prevent these natural disasters still has a lot of innovation, and Xiaomi intends to take a step forward with the detection of earthquakes in MIUI 11.

Mobile phones with MIUI 11 and Xiaomi televisions will warn of earthquakes in China

At the moment it seems to be a feature that is designed for China, although it would not surprise us that in the coming months it began to expand internationally. This feature has been announced by Xiaomi itself at the Mi Developer Conference, in China.

Xiaomi announces this novelty as the first worldwide integration of this type of services within a mobile operating system. It is a function that is able to alert users until tens of seconds before that an earthquake occurs. This feature has already begun to be deployed on September 20 in the testing phase, and seems to have been satisfactory.

The main reason why at the moment it will only work in China is because it is the result of a collaboration with Care-life, an organization focused on the warning of natural disaster warnings. which is located in the Chinese city of Chengdu.

The technology receives notices from an emergency service. These alerts are treated by the operating system with the highest priority.

Xiaomi has recently activated the service for the first time in Sichuan Province, an earthquake-prone region, and they hope to expand the technology very soon to the rest of the nation.

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A key aspect of this technology is its own integration into the system. Xiaomi specifies that «Compared to applications that alert earthquakes, being integrated into the system prevents the user from knowing the application and downloading it. It also ensures a better priority and latency so that we can alert on time ».

Of course, Xiaomi's proposal is very interesting, and it is a type of technology that should be integrated with emergency services globally and for all mobile devices. And fortunately in Xiaomi they also think about it.

Fran Dian, general administrator of the Xiaomi IoT platform has called for the adoption of this type of technology, also ensuring that Xiaomi is willing to share its practices and experience to help expand this type of technology.