Android 11 could fix one of the biggest inconveniences of airplane mode

Airplane mode is a mode that is essential for mobile devices. It is a way designed so that we can continue using the mobile phone during a flight, blocking all wireless communications that may cause interference with the aircraft.

Over the years it has ended up allowing the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in airplanes, and in fact it is already customary for many airplanes to allow us to connect to the Internet through these networks (although not for free). Similarly, Bluetooth headphones are already a regular among those who travel frequently (especially those that include active noise cancellation). But Android still has a small problem with this mode.

Android 11 would stop turning off Bluetooth sound

One of the characteristics of the airplane mode is that, since you must cut all communications, close all immediately immediately after pressing the button. This is an advantage, since the grace that this mode exists resides in that same capacity.

Bluetooth 5 in reality

Of course, closing all communications means that if you are listening to Bluetooth music you will lose the connection, having to activate it again and waiting for it to be paired again. It seems that this annoyance will come to an end in a matter of months.

The developer luca020400 has discovered in the Android source code an important improvement for the airplane mode, and that is when we activate it, it will not turn off the Bluetooth if we are in any of these situations:

  • There is an active A2DP Bluetooth audio device.
  • The Bluetooth accessibility profile is active.

This improvement is not yet fully approved, and although it could arrive at any time the most reliable thing is that it ends up being introduced in Android 11, version in which Google is already working and that we should know in its first beta there by March 2020.

Without a doubt, it is a small improvement that although it seems silly, sure you end up remembering it when it's your turn to take a plane. And if you travel very often, you're probably celebrating it now.