The Samsung application to create your own themes

One of our favorite customization layers is One UI, a complete redesign of the Samsung mobile interface. The company continues to add features, and the possibility of creating themes in a simple way is a new feature that although it is still under test you can already use it.

The Samsung application to create your own themes

Samsung is one of the companies that invests most in creating its own version of Android. With One UI they have achieved a layer that in addition to being closer to the Android style has included a lot of small details, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality.

Far from staying there, the brand tends to experiment with new features that it includes in a package known as Good lock. One of the last examples was an application that helps us save battery. Today's application, on the other hand, allows us to create our own themes.

His name in Spanish is Theme park, although the name is one of the few parts of the application that are translated. The function of this application is to give us the ease of creating our own customization themes in a simple way.

Just open the application, it invites us to choose the wallpaper of the theme that we are going to create. Here you can select any image from the gallery. If you need any suggestion of wallpapers, we recommend you to see our section in which Borja collects the official wallpapers of almost all Android phones and versions.

Once the wallpaper is chosen, Theme Park will select a series of color palettes. These color palettes are those that the application believes will best match the style we have decided to include.

Among the possible options we have, we can choose the main color, the color palette of the other colors and the appearance of the icons. As we change these options we can see in real time how they will look

After finishing designing our theme, the application will ask us to enter a name for the theme, since this will be the way to distinguish it. Once we have accepted, the theme will be saved in the Galaxy Themes application, where we can apply it.

Selecting it, we can already use the theme in our Samsung Galaxy with One UI, being able to enjoy a completely personalized theme to our tastes.

The application is not definitive yet, and something we do not like about Galaxy themes is that if we install them we will lose access to the dark mode integrated into the system (or light mode, in case the theme we design is dark) . A great improvement in this application would be the possibility of customizing two themes, one as a light theme and another as a dark one.

Theme Park is available in the Galaxy Store, although it is currently not accessible to Spain. However, if you download the APK file you can install and use it as we have done.