The Samsung Galaxy S10 are updated to Android 10 in Spain: these are the main novelties

A few days ago Samsung surprised us by deploying the official update of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 + with Android 10 and the One UI 2.0 customization layer. It has been a few days since it began in Germany, and deployment in Spain is already beginning.

The Galaxy S10 are updated in Spain with Android 10 and One UI 2.0

In recent weeks we had several news about the official Samsung update calendar. This calendar included the estimated date for the update of the Samsung Galaxy S10 for January 2020. No obstacle, and as we said, are dates that could be advanced.

Android 9 (left) versus Android 10 (right)

A few days ago Samsung started deploying the Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10 in Europe, starting with Germany. Well, the update is already beginning to arrive in Spain too, and now our Galaxu S10 + is receiving the update to One UI 2.0, with a security patch as of December 1.

Android 9 (left) versus Android 10 (right)

One of the most important changes in this update is in the new gesture system of Android 10, which takes the bases we met on the iPhone X, but adapted to Android. Another great novelty of Android 10 is the implementation of the dark mode, although One UI already included this implementation from Android 9, so it is not a great novelty (if an improvement, because with Android 10 it has better integration with applications).

We also have the new permission management system for the location, being able to make an application only read the location while it is active in the foreground.

Android 9 (left) versus Android 10 (right)

For the rest, One UI 2.0 includes improvements in the design of the customization layer, such as a better power manager, digital health, or visual changes such as the camera.

Android 9 (left) versus Android 10 (right)

How to update

In our Galaxy S10 + we were already using the beta version, users who are receiving the final version before anyone else. The safest thing is that in the next few days you will receive a notice about the new update available, although you can also check it manually by following these steps:

  1. We open the settings and go to the end.
  2. Click on Software update.
  3. Download and install.

If your mobile is ready to receive the update, all the information for downloading will appear. However, you may consult and tell you that there is not yet a new version. This is because update deployments are done progressively, a process that can take several days to complete.

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