Facebook integrates Emergency Response with WhatsApp

Facebook has its own emergency service in case of catastrophes, which allows users to report that they are well in case of a disaster (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). This service has been improved over time, allowing better operation. The social network now expands its presence, making it also reach WhatsApp.

Emergency Response integrates with WhatsApp, so that users can notify family and friends that we are. This tool promises to be crucial in areas of poor connectivity, which is why it expands to the messaging application.

Let your family members know


One of the most important features in this service is to inform or know if your acquaintances are in an affected area. Also know if they are well or can offer help. Its integration with WhatsApp is therefore of great importance, since it allows these types of messages to reach the right people faster. There are many countries where the messaging application is used more than text messages, so this can be a great advantage, which will allow simpler communication in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

Facebook has also confirmed that The disaster map has been expanded. Through this expansion they will be available for local and state emergency systems, which will have information at all times on the distribution of supplies. In addition, users are given the opportunity to tell first-hand what is happening at the site of the disaster, to report if there are roads cut or buildings that are close to collapsing.

Integration with WhatsApp allows that the message or request for help be shared in the messaging application as well, in addition to doing so on Facebook. Until now it was possible to share them on Facebook Messenger, so now they can reach a wider audience. When this status is uploaded, the possibility of sharing it using these applications will be offered.

The Facebook Emergency Response update is already being deployed, including this integration with WhatsApp. This tool It has already been used in more than 300 crises in 80 countries, as confirmed by the social network. So its improvement and update is important for many users.