Google Photos is now a messaging application, and it makes more sense than it seems

Google is not that it is the company that has the best history with messaging applications, but that does not mean that one day they end up creating one that is worth using. Even as a function within an application.

In fact, perhaps that problem is not only with messaging applications, but with any type of social product. However, applications like Google Photos are a product that people use and enjoy, and someone on Google has thought that including a chat in the application would be a great idea. And even if it seems weird at first, as you think, it sounds great.

Google Photos chat, a tool with more sense than it seems

At this point in life it seems impossible that Google will create a messaging application capable of competing with giants like WhatsApp or Telegram (and it has not been for lack of attempts). However, sometimes it is not necessary to create a rival and fight to get users, but give users that you already have a new tool.

Google Photos is one of the most successful applications of Google, and it is something that should not miss anyone anymore. This application comes preinstalled on all Android phones and allows us to create unlimited cloud backups for free.

Edit video with Google Photos, the latest update will make it possibleGoogle Photos is a very successful application for everything it offers.

In addition to creating copies, it is extremely easy to create albums and share them, either with any user of the platform or through a link to use in other messaging applications.

What if I want to share the photos with other users and that we can see the photos and comment without leaving the application? Google have thought about it, and with that idea in mind they have created a messaging application within Google Photos.

The idea is tremendously practical, since each set of photos can have its own instance. For example, if we have a party, we saved the creation of a WhatsApp group to pass the photos and share them, but in the same Google Photos, at the moment you share them you can already talk with users.

With this movement, Google turns one of its star applications into a messaging app specialized and surely many of us end up using it, since we think it has a very practical approach.

This function has been announced today by Google, so it will begin very soon to be deployed on those devices that have the application updated.