Samsung's next folding mobile will arrive soon and won't be expensive

This year is coming to an end and except last-minute surprise we can say that the star technology, at least for the striking, have been the touch screens. We refer to the most serious proposals, from the hand of Huawei, Motorola and especially Samsung, which is the only one that today has a mobile of this type for sale. There are also other really surreal options, such as Escobar Fold 1, but we better forget it.

When we were talking with Samsung officials for the launch and analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, they told us that they really believed that folding screens would be the future. This bet seems to be strengthened in 2020, when the first data suggest that there will be not one but two new mobiles of this type.

The next folding mobile would arrive in February

Samsung's next folding mobile will arrive soon and won't be expensive

The first of these models would be a terminal that would be announced in February at the MWC or at a nearby date, along with the Galaxy S11.

From this terminal we expect it to be a more similar mobile in form factor to the Motorola Razr 2020 than the original Fold. What we did not know, and that is what has been leaked from Korean sources, is that the price of this model would be around 800 euros.

This is a significant reduction compared to the 2000 euros that the Galaxy Fold costs, and it is possible that it is due to a reduction in benefits, in addition to other factors. In fact, except surprise, this would place it in a price range similar to or lower than the Galaxy S11. Perhaps one of the tolls to be paid is a shorter autonomy.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would arrive in February

Samsung Galaxy Fold original

But there would be a second model, the one that would be called Galaxy Fold 2, and that would be announced along with the new Galaxy Note, in August 2020.

This terminal is not yet known how it will be, but its price will be more in line with what is seen with the Galaxy Fold, so we understand that it will be your direct heir. In addition, this release could be modified depending on the response of the model announced in February.

Samsung expects sales to grow significantly

Although there are no official figures, it is estimated that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has sold 500,000 units internationally, an amount that is not comparable to other smartphones but is not smaller.

The company estimates that in 2020 it could sell about 6 million units of this type of smartphone and expects the figure to rise to 20 million in 2021.